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Fuelled by imaginative people who understand film and television product from inception through to marketing, Babble On Communications, Inc. provides both expert creative and promotional services to production entities.

Babble On Communications takes pride in its boutique nature and the individualized attention it gives to each of its select clients. BOC provides creative development, bible and script writing services for some clients, p.r. and marketing services for others and a full complement of bookended services for others still. BOC's client roster is largely comprised of companies and individuals whose products, films, books, DVDs and television projects are known either for their social relevance, their humour or both.

On the creative front, Babble On Communications has provided creative services for a variety of projects airing on an array of broadcasters, including PBS, CBC and Jetix. On the marketing and PR side, Babble On Communications has provided services for a host of clients working to make the world a better place. Some of these clients and/or their projects are household names.

Concurrently, Babble On Communications Inc. is developing its own original programming, including Avery Ant and His One Minute Rant ( and The New Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts (Harold Greenburg Foundation winner). Avery Ant was selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress in 2005.

Babble On Communications Inc...

…Providing Cultural Artifacts to the Library of Congress Since 2005

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