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Avery, on Theatrical Improvisation:

"I can't understand why we
reward artists - and by artists I mean idiots - for their uncompromising dedication to not preparing before they get on stage."




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Avery Ant and his One Minute Characters


Avery isn't nasty or mean-spirited. He's just more than a little agitated and animated about his lot in life. He's like a lot of us who toil and struggle to make sense out the world and all its injustices - except he could be easily crushed by a shoe and can lift
20 times his own body weight.

One of his big concerns is his lack of airtime. Our disgruntled host feels that one single minute just doesn't sum up the essence that is Avery. But since there's nothing he can do about it, he may as well get onto his other rants. Avery will attack any subject with wild abandon. He's chock full of antitude.


It's a human-looking hand holding a stopwatch. It's reality crashing in on Avery's time constraints and it represents the show's Real Time element. The Big Hand has a 60 Minutes look to it except that Avery is only getting 60 seconds - and the Big Hand sometimes tries to crush and flatten our anti-hero.

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