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"I can't understand why we
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Avery Ant

Ranting ant wants your vote
By Lindsay Jones
The Daily News

HALIFAX - If you think the Conservatives are too churchy, the Liberals too untrustworthy, the NDP too flaky and the Green Party too green, there's a new candidate in the running.

Avery Ant is a sarcastic stop-motion creature designed by a Halifax animator (from an idea by creator Mike Erskine-Kelly of Toronto), whose online rants receive thousands of hits per day. Aimed at apathetic young voters, the serial candidate has unsuccessfully run for Pope, U.S. President and King of England.

"He's got that hard edge in the way he looks at things," says Brian McPhail of the Halifax Film Company. "Ants are pretty low on the totem pole of life, so he has an ant's eye view of the world."

Avery is not on Elections Candidate ballots. You can vote for him online and take his political test to see if he works for you.

McPhail - also an animator for Halifax-produced Lunar Jim, a CBC show for preschoolers - gave the crusty-voiced insect a bent antennae, four arms and Give 'em Hell T-shirt.

"His personality suggests a background in a lot of hard drinking and getting into a lot of trouble," McPhail says. "He so low down, he's seeing everything from the bottom of a garbage can, but he's very full of himself."

Ant's rants on government, education, the environment and military spending are relevant in a tongue-in-cheek way, but irreverent enough to appeal to the18-to-34 target audience.

For instance, Ant says cities need more money to address transit, infrastructure and social-service issues.

Then, he turns mouthy: "They need that stuff, but I won't give it to them. Know why? Cause I like the idea of being the supreme power and making those goofy mayors dance for quarters.

The ant's rants are distributed for wireless internationally by Big Bang Pictures, a catalogue of video clips and ringtones. He became available to Rogers and Telus subscribers last week

The ant's rants are distributed for wireless internationally by Big Bang Pictures, a catalogue of video clips and ringtones. He became available to Rogers and Telus subscribers last week

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Big Bang seizes Avery opportunity

Canadian mobile content outfit Big Bang Productions, a subsidiary of The Nightingale Company, is touting a wireless distribution deal recently tied up for its Avery Ant property, a sardonic toon short in which a very angry insect go off on comedic tirades.

The Avery Ant 'one minute rants' are one of Big Bang’s most popular mobile content downloads. The Toronto firm, which has previously signed deals with Sprint US, Cingular and other mobile carriers worldwide, is now gearing up to launch on Canadian mobile services through Rogers and Telus, beginning January 6.

To coincide with its Canadian debut for Avery Ant, Big Bang is rolling out Avery Ant’s campaign to become prime minister of Canada – a promotional stunt playing on the country’s current federal election race.

The Ant’s last campaign, when he made a bid to be elected pope, landed him in the United States Library of Congress as part of the historic collection of internet materials related to the death of Pope John Paul II and the election of his replacement.

Other Big Bang properties included in the Canadian wireless launch are Sex Tips with Josey Vogels, featuring the syndicated sex columnist, TV personality, author and radio host; and Campus Cram with Paul Telner of US campus network Zilo’s Ali G-esque top-rated show. Big Bang has also sold Parkour, clips of the extreme sport based on the French art of using one’s body to fluidly propel oneself over all manner of obstacles.

In all, Big Bang’s mobile catalogue features more than 2,000 video clips and more than 3,000 ringtones. Other content includes Sofia’s Diary, a premium interactive programme aimed at the teen market, extreme sports such as BMX and skateboarding, and Divine Digital from Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.

Big Bang is also shopping its animated ringtones, having recently entered into an alliance with its sister company NightingaleMobile, one of the world's largest producers of original realtone ringtones.

Jenn Kuzmyk
6 Jan 2006
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