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Avery, on Theatrical Improvisation:

"I can't understand why we
reward artists - and by artists I mean idiots - for their uncompromising dedication to not preparing before they get on stage."





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Avery Ant & his One Minute Series Design

Avery Ant and his One Minute Rant is a series of interstitials about an everyday "proletariant" who's made it big but still hasn't lost his edge. It's like the ant said at the top of the page - he's got issues: And they're about everything.

Pick a subject, any subject, and get ready as Avery comes charging in with his own "opinions." His amusingly cynical take on life and all its complications is not only funny, biting, stinging, half-baked, just plain wrong, kind of weird, incoherent, and bang-on hilarious: The whole thing only takes a minute.

In each episode of Avery Ant and his One Minute Rant, our disgruntled host will be telling you about what bugs him. These one-minute comic monologues will play out like a standup comedy routine and a stream of conscious rant as performed by one PO'd pismire. Avery will start in on one particular subject that he's annoyed with, and from there he'll segue into new topics that are bound to blow his stack. From there, he'll jump into a subject that really ticks him off. In each minute segment, he'll offer his very unique and quite frank opinions on everyday life to anything else. Expect a very funny ant rant! There are no flashy sets or secondary characters. There is however, a Big Hand that occasionally jumps into the picture with a stopwatch, a la 60 Minutes. It's there to remind Avery that he's running out of airtime.

Avery has little love for his antagonist, the Big Hand. He feels he deserves more exposure, and the Big Hand is a constant reminder that his one minute of fame is an insult. The Big Hand in turn doesn't seem to think much of him, and sometimes retaliates to Avery's punches and vilifying by trying to crush him. The Big Hand will provide a Real Time concept to the show. The combination of stop-motion Ant and really Big Hand will add to the show's simple but distinct and stylish look.

As for sets, well, there aren't any. Okay, there's one. Avery is shot against a red brick wall. However, complimentary juxtasposing images will be intercut to support and contradict what Avery is saying, this will add visual flair to an already cool-looking, stop-motion animated television show.And when you're as vitriolic, acerbic, and full of comic indignation as Avery Ant, the comedy is in the stories and the delivery. And fancy sets are for cockroaches.

It's a fun-filled minute of diatribe, disbelief, keen observation, misguided information, and a candid look at the anthill that we're all trying to climb. For the next minute, Avery Ant is gonna rant like no other ant, and he'll be ranting for all of us.

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