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Avery, on his Political Ambitions:

"I'd make a perfect leader…but I'm not perfect and never said I was. And if I did - I deny it. And if I do deny it, I have a good reason - I'm alleging I didn't say it."



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Avery's Favorys

A lot of celebrity websites have these links where you get to find out all kinds of completely useless information about them.

Here's mine.

So these are some pointless facts that those strangely compulsive and weirdly obsessive types seem to get all hot and bothered over. Things like, who my favorite Rice Crispy is (Pop), and how many Seconals I can cram into my mouth at one time (26)… What the hell, better to tell you here, than have you rummaging through my garbage cans.

Favorite TV Show: When Insects Attack, Bite, Spray, Maim & Ultimately Conquer. Finally, some sophisticated reality programming from Fox.

Favorite Fantasy: I'd like to see Gordon Downie of The Hip and Sarah McLachlan fight to the death with chains. But then again - who wouldn't?

Favorite Personal Moment: When I willingly entered "The Resort." It was a total blast! I met a lot of powerful and influential party monsters there, including, Snoop Dogg, Ralph "Wild Man" Nader, The Pope, Hilary Duff, and Elmo. Good times.

Favorite Color/Colour: Until we can get that whole "spelt with a 'U' or not" issue resolved, I'd like to stay as far away as possible from this one.

Favorite Song: The "Fight Music" from the original Star Trek series.

Favorite Comedian: Next to me, Jon Stewart. But he was funnier back in the early days when he was actually an ant. Then he had to go and get all that cosmetic surgery and claim it was a metamorphosis (the guy's had more work done than Michael Jackson).

Favorite Drinking Buddy: Hank Hill. This guy knows his French Wines, I tell you what.

Favorite Pet Peeve: As a PO'd pismire, my pet peeve is pretty much everything.

Favorite Ex-Wife: I've loved all 14 of them in different ways.

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