Who is this Guy? - Avery Ant

Avery, on his Political Ambitions:

"I'd make a perfect leader…but I'm not perfect and never said I was. And if I did - I deny it. And if I do deny it, I have a good reason - I'm alleging I didn't say it."

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“Wear me, drink me, loofah with me”

I got my lackeys working on putting together some Avery merchandise…

You know, t-shirts and junk like that.

Oh, and the Avery home bidet kit should be completed real soon!

ntil then, you can listen to me rail about shameless merchandising, in my rant called Principles.

I think you’ll find my hypocrisy quite staggering.

Seriously though, write to mug@averyant.com or sus@averyant.com with what kind of Avery merchandise you'd like to buy, and we'll let you know when we might be able to fulfill your request.

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