Behind the Scenes - Avery Ant

Avery, on Big Bird:

"Yes, the rumors about his anabolic steroid use are true. Ditto on the opium habit. But what he and Elmo do in the privacy of their bedroom
is between two consenting puppets."

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Meet the lackeys, flunkies, psychics, chauffeurs, chefs, masseurs, yes men, pool boys, and hairdressers who make the magic that is Avery.

Oh, and to shut them up, I've included the producers, writers, artists, and directors.

If you're like me, you'll either ignore them or, when there's no avoiding them, do everything you can to make them cry.

So come, and join me behind the scenes. This is your big chance to meet the members of "Team Avery."

Sure, they're a neurotic and nervous bunch. And yeah they're underpaid and prone to muttering to themselves when they're not crying hysterically.

But they're a swell enough team, and have a really good understanding of the power I wield over them and just how much their jobs are hanging by a thread.

Yup, a good group of sycophants.

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