Behind the Scenes - Avery Ant

Avery, on Big Bird:

"Yes, the rumors about his anabolic steroid use are true. Ditto on the opium habit. But what he and Elmo do in the privacy of their bedroom
is between two consenting puppets."



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Brian McPhail

Director/Animator/Avery's Flunky and Hairdresser

I know I make it look easy, but these antennae don't just style themselves, you know. Brian helps as best he can. And I do my best to make him feel like he's doing something useful with his life. Brian tried working with snails (Combat Snails) and a dead dog (Stiffy the Dead Dog) - both for the Comedy Network - before he bet on a winner: me. He's had his own short films in a bunch of festivals, and his latest, Down a Dark Chimney, aired on CBC's Reflections and is available on DVD (Slamdance Festival's Tales of Eccentricity). But really, until now he's mostly just been wasting his time. The poor bastard describes himself as "a multi-cellular organism who animates." The doctors are still trying to balance his medication

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