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Avery, on Big Bird:

"Yes, the rumors about his anabolic steroid use are true. Ditto on the opium habit. But what he and Elmo do in the privacy of their bedroom
is between two consenting puppets."

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Mug Erskine-Kellie

Writer/Creator/Avery's Pool Boy and Caddy

A writer for TV, internet, radio, stage and print, some of Mike Erskine-Kellie ’s writing credits include PBS’s Franny’s Feet, Jetix’s Pucca, Teletoon’s Futz, CBC’s Turbo Dogs, the Emmy Award-winning PBS show Zoboomafoo, and the Gemini Nominated CBC show Sketchcom.  Mike is also a recipient of a Harold Greenberg Award for his screenplay “The New Adventures of Jason and The Argonauts.”  

Mike created, story edited and wrote the TVO kids’ magic series Spellz, winner of the US International Film and Video Festival in Children’s Programming and a Silver Remi at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. Mike currently has two television series in development with The Nightingale Company (George F. Walker’s The Line), one of which, Brian Paisley In Hell, was a recipient of OMDC funding.    

He spent two years as a writer and an on-air humour commentator for CBC News. Mike toured Europe and North America with the critically acclaimed sketch comedy troupe, Serious Comedy for Oxymorons.  His short stories have appeared in a variety of publications including The Toronto Star.

Mike also created the website Avery Ant and His One Minute Rant, which was featured on morning radio shows across North America , on CBC’s The Hour, and in various publications, including The Daily News and The Ottawa Citizen.  It also won a number of awards, including from National Lampoon and CBC.  Avery Ant’s illustrious campaign for the job of Pope was immortalized by the Library of Congress as part of the historic collection of Internet materials related to the death of Pope John Paul II and the election of a new Pope. 

Mike Erskine-Kellie : writer, comedian, and supplier of cultural artifacts to the Library of Congress.  

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