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Avery, on Big Bird:

"Yes, the rumors about his anabolic steroid use are true. Ditto on the opium habit. But what he and Elmo do in the privacy of their bedroom
is between two consenting puppets."

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Susan McLennan

Producer/Writer/Avery's Personal Assistant and Groupie

Long ago and far away, Susan was an actor. Not a very good one - but an actor all the same. A Member of Actra, Susan had roles in such tv shows as Party of Five, Highlander, and Commish. As an Equity member, she also did stage work but truthfully, she wasn't much better - although the parts were, including roles in Children of a Lesser God and Agnes in Anges of God. God finally demanded Susan stopped appearing in shows where He had billing.

 These days, Susan runs Babble On Communications a boutique communications firm that serves the creative and public relations needs of the film and television community.  On the creative side, Babble On Communications' current projects include Avery Ant, a property whose website  boasts tens of thousands of unique visitors per week and "The New Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts," a feature script which won funding from the Harold Greenberg Foundation. The script was written by Babble On Communications Senior Partner Mike Erskine-Kellie.   


On the Public Relations side, Babble On Communications represents people, projects and products largely (but not exclusively) in television and new media.  Babble On's clients share a vision of the world in which their talents contribute to its betterment.  Many of Babble On's clients are very involved in worthy causes, including those pertaining to children's charities, environmentalism and social justice.  Some of them are household names. On a personal level, Susan finds herself inspired by the imagination, capabilities and seemingly boundless energy of her clients, many of whom she is proud to call friends.  Partner Mike Erskine-Kellie is no slouch either.  

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