Behind the Scenes - Avery Ant

Avery, on Big Bird:

"Yes, the rumors about his anabolic steroid use are true. Ditto on the opium habit. But what he and Elmo do in the privacy of their bedroom
is between two consenting puppets."

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Timothy Knowles

Web Master/Avery's Chef and Masseur

Like most web masters, Timothy started off as a chemist, but soon tired of the whole "mad scientist" scene with its torch-carrying villagers storming his castle (a cliché, but true). He then spent 25 years in the nurturing world of fashion, where he traveled the globe and sourced great clothing designs like wide ties, puffy shirts, and the short-lived marriage between the two. Tired of catering to the world's fashionistas, he trained as a chef and spent three years working in Venice, Asti, Bologna, and Portovenere. He's now the owner of The City Kitchen, a food, wine, travel, and lifestyle adventure operation - which was why I figured he'd be perfect to be my web master. He was reluctant at first, but let's be honest - when Avery Ant asks for a favour, it's impossible to say no.

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