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Avery, on Being A Mentor:

"I suppose I'd be willing to mentor a golf caddy. You know, on how to replace my divots, when to shut up, what time to pick me up, and how to pour a perfect vodka tonic."

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Extra! Extra! Read all about me! Not only am I hot - I'm hot off the presses!

As a notorious ranting ant, I'm forever in the news - whether I like it or not. It's always something: Paternity Suit this, Sentencing Hearing that… Oh well, life is always more complicated when you're beautiful and talented.

Read the praise heaped upon me in the gushing celebrity magazines; peruse the dirt in the trashy gossip columns and their titillating descriptions of my liaisons with partners of the two-, four- and six-legged varieties.

Flip through the informative and slanderous articles about me in The New York Times, People Magazine, The World Weekly News, Insect Monthly, and everything in-between.

Because I'm such a shameless self-promoter and rowdy pisant, I've been featured in the sports pages, the entertainment pages, the business pages, the natural science pages, and even the obituaries.

Anyway, this is your chance to read the ink and get the skinny on the life of Avery as seen through the bleary and adoring eyes of journalists worldwide.

Take the good with the bad, the sublime with the obscene and read, read, read.


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