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Avery, on Being A Mentor:

"I suppose I'd be willing to mentor a golf caddy. You know, on how to replace my divots, when to shut up, what time to pick me up, and how to pour a perfect vodka tonic."



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New York Times

Andrew Mackenzie - Special to the Times

"Let's get one thing straight," the diminutive star says rather testily over a plate of untouched Malapeques, his second Virgin Mary (he's been trying to cut back on alcohol), and the sugar cube he is never without. "This is my interview. You're just along for the ride".

He's right. Avery Ant has always granted very few interviews — but even fewer since his now-infamous disappearance.

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People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive :

Avery Ant

By Holly Kurelek

One look at Avery Ant, from his crooked smile to his four potentially wandering hands (a girl can dream can't she?), and you know the mold has been broken on sex symbols.

"I don't think of myself as sexy," says Avery, bits of sugar cube hanging seductively off of his pincers. "But I sure like to think about sex." His laugh fills the green room of The View, where he's waiting to tape his segment for the popular talk show, the eyes of each female staffer glued to his every move. Women are, as it's pointed out to him, magnetically drawn to him like moths to a flame.

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Weekly World News

By Daisy Pert

Palace officials are said to be furious over Avery Ant's torrid love affair with the ghost of Princess Diana, according to top-secret reports. Prince Charles is particularly upset that the deceased Diana's dalliance with the diminutive star of stage and screen has sullied the palace and left the Prince of Wales the "biggest cuckold in the bloody world!"

"She won't even quit after death! Using a common household pest to get back at a future monarch is pretty low," fumed one palace insider.

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