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Avery, on Being A Mentor:

"I suppose I'd be willing to mentor a golf caddy. You know, on how to replace my divots, when to shut up, what time to pick me up, and how to pour a perfect vodka tonic."



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Halifax Daily News


Avery Ant

Ranting ant wants your vote
By Lindsay Jones
The Daily News

HALIFAX - If you think the Conservatives are too churchy, the Liberals too untrustworthy, the NDP too flaky and the Green Party too green, there's a new candidate in the running.

Avery Ant is a sarcastic stop-motion creature designed by a Halifax animator (from an idea by creator Mike Erskine-Kelly of Toronto), whose online rants receive thousands of hits per day. Aimed at apathetic young voters, the serial candidate has unsuccessfully run for Pope, U.S. President and King of England.

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C21 Media

Big Bang seizes Avery opportunity

Canadian mobile content outfit Big Bang Productions, a subsidiary of The Nightingale Company, is touting a wireless distribution deal recently tied up for its Avery Ant property, a sardonic toon short in which a very angry insect go off on comedic tirades.

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