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Are You:
When I think of Avery and his political campaign, I want to...
Find out all I can
Move to Calcutta
Go somewhere dank and sequestered
Hang out with silkworms
I found out about Avery through...
The Internet
A friend
The personal ads
I caught him rummaging around in my garbage cans
Avery is better than...
A Republican
A Democrat
A Liberal
A Consertative
A knock-knock joke
I find these questions...
Sorry, what was the question again?
I vote regularly ...
Oh yeah!
God, no!
Sometimes more than once!
Last night I dreamed about Avery and his political machine...
Okay...he was naked
I was naked, but only because I sleep in the nude
Where are we going with this?
You can count on my vote ...
Definitely, I love this ant!
Um, well, okay - but you owe me big time
Why not - the Apocalypse is just around the corner anyway
No chance, there's a dung beetle I'm rooting for
You'll get my vote when Hell freezes over

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