Avery for Prime Minister


We recognize that a lot of poverty action groups support squats or tent cities in public parks but that is a band-aid approach to a systemic problem. It is not sustainable and does nothing to address the root causes of homelessness, poverty or address the dire lack of affordable housing stock. Besides, when I go to park I want to see ducks, not some guys washing his unmentionables in the fountain.

Team Avery's solution is simple: people hills.

When elected, Team Avery will immediately initiate a research project to determine the feasibility of creating mass underground people colonies to house the homeless. As you may well know, Ants have been living in housing of this nature for sometime and hey, one of us is running for Prime Minister, so it obviously isn't a detriment to higher ambition. The way I see it, each colony could house between 3 and 4 thousand homeless. In addition to providing permanent housing, social benefits include the promotion of social interaction, a sense of community, and it keeps people off the streets where the could potentially have a detrimental affect on tourism, industry of just aesthetics. And, on top of that, each colony would get to have its very own queen.


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